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Author’s List

Alan Asker

Sgt. Jeff Baker

Kip and Ann Black

Curt Bolding

Henry “BlackSnake” Bowman

Bill Clede

Mike Cook

Dan Cron

William R. Dietrick

Father David Epps

Cindy Furnare

Cas Gadomski

John A. Gayder, Constable

Dave Gowan

Kenneth Harper

Patrick Hayes

Nancy Herrington

Sergei Hoff

Joe Horn

Shane James

Bruce Jones

Michael Kay

Forrest Joyner

Sergeant W.L. Liddell

Alan L. Lundy

Jeffrey T. Manley

Johnathan R. Marshall

Oisin Moonchild

James S. Mortellaro

David Nash

Sgt. Ren Patenaude

Leroy Pyle

Officer Bill Rhetts

Steve Riley


Ralph J. Rubinek

Chris Savchick

Wade Siers

Michael P. Tremoglie

Harry Thomas

Peter W. Wickham Jr.

Ron Willis

James Yeager

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  1. Comment by Trish — April 18, 2010 @ 9:19 am

    You are so interesting and varied. I really enjoy what you are up to. I got my card, now I need to find a gun. any suggestions? I want to protect my self not go hunting. So emial me and let me know what is the cheapest and best for me!

  2. Comment by admin — April 18, 2010 @ 11:15 am

    Trish, thanx ever so much for visiting the site. (as a disclaimer, Trish & I worked together when I did a stint as Training Manager at CompUSA in Chicago) I am going to answer here as well as in an email because your question is one of the most common asked by those who are new to firearms ownership.

    What is the best gun for you? That will usually generate comments similar to asking a man what make they prefer in cars. It can get complicated and argumentative and all caught up in horsepower, type of fuel, 2 or 4 door, gas or diesel, etc., etc.

    The choice of a firearm is too important for that. Your gun is the one you are most familiar and comfortable with. One that you have practiced with and have the confidence that you can pick it up (or pull it out) at any time and point and shoot to hit a target with decent accuracy.

    So since you don’t have that gun, yet, the message is that any gun you choose will then require enough handling and practice that you will be become familiar, comfortable, and confident with its use. So get a little .22 or one of those big old .45′s and let the men argue over it. You will want to practice, practice, practice! (what kind of bowler would you be if you bought a bowling ball and stashed it in the closet without ever bowling a line? Or even if you bowled a couple of lines and then stashed it and then 6 months later someone suddenly put you on an alley with those funny shoes and said you are bowling for your life? You get the picture :-)).

    Women have the advantage of a lifetime of training in avoiding being a victim. From Mom & Dad’s admonition as a kid, up to and including more formal classes or training in the workplace where “refusing to be a victim” is emphasized. Women are told what/when to wear certain clothes, where to park their car safely, how to carry their keys for possible defense, and even how to look at a stranger. Making eye contact with a stranger-in-the-night is supposed to send a psychological message to that person that “I have seen you and I can identify you in the future.” Men don’t get that training because … well, we’re men!

    Looking a stranger in the eye late at night is easier said than done. It is even worse to confront that stranger uninvited in your home. That is when confidence is most important. Most strangers will pass without incident, but a small percentage outside the home and darn near every one inside your home will have evil intent. And more than likely they have preyed on people in the past, have a police record, and have grown up in an environment where physical confrontation is commonplace. THEY HAVE DONE THIS BEFORE! You, more than likely, have not.

    So when you point that gun at the intruder, you had better not present a picture of someone who can have their gun taken away. You will want to point that gun in a way that demonstrates that you can use it, and the confidence to explain to him or her that they are in the wrong place at the wrong time. And then, as angry as you are at the intrusion, and as much as you might want to shoot him, you will have to be satisfied with seeing his butt and the bottom of his shoes as he flees your presence! (the laws pertaining to the proper use of force is a whole new topic. did I tell you that firearms ownership comes with a bunch of responsibilities?)

    The bottom line is, whatever gun you choose will require enough practice to acquire that familiarity and confidence.

    So, after all that, for inexpensive and easy to use, get a .357 magnum revolver. Let the arguing, er, comments begin!


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